Sandblasting and paiting

  • Encrustations cleaning OV/OM.
  • High pressure fresh water rinsing.
  • White (SA-2.5) and commercial (SA-2) blast cleaning in exterior areas and internal compartments.
  • Zinc anodes replacement.
  • Floodgate valve strokes.
  • Vessels labeling.
  • Security providing in shipyard, fresh water and other services.


  • Hull and bulkhead thickness calibration.
  • Cutting, tracing, enabling, prefab, erection and welding of plates and structures.
  • Running of chains and anchors.
  • Compartments tightness testing.


Maintenance and repair of piping systems.

Propulsion and steering system

  • Propulsion and steering system calibration.
  • Dismantling, repair and assembly of shafts. Bearing replacement.
  • Maintenance and static rolling of propellers and rudders.
  • Re-motoring.


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